Who dares wins…..

Wye and Welsh lrc are running their ‘who dares wins’ trial next Sunday, 8th Jan. I currently have a twin room ….

booked in Cardiff for the Saturday night, does anyone fancy sharing the cost of the room…. to co drive for me on the Sunday….
My alternative are, cancel the room and not go, or cancel the room and drive up and back on the Sunday, which whilst it’d be a killer day would currently save me probably£70…. (room and food)…
I’d like to do the event, and if someone wants to share the room costs that would certainly help,
At the moment I’m torn with what to do…. it’ll be a hard day even staying over, as the event itself starts at 9am, so need to be on-site ideally before 8….. trial, then drive home…….

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  1. Hotel situation sorted….. but still lacking a co pilot if anyones fancies a day trip….

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