Where’s the Chesil Beach UCR gone?

As I’m on a couple of weeks sabbatical I went for a nose down on the coast yesterday and arrived at the West Bexington car park to discover that the UCR that runs from there to Abbotsbury looks to have also succumbed to the storm surge, somewhere underneath all that shingle and seawater is a track that many of us have enjoyed using over the years.

Given the extremely close proximity to the sea I’m not surprised but I am also betting that about halfway down towards Abbotsbury the track may have washed away entirely as it sits atop a very low ridge of very soft composition which has been steadily eroding over the years.

When conditions improve and that horrible rust inducing seawater has drained away would anyone like to join me in visiting the area to assess the track and any damage?

IMG_2392 IMG_2393 IMG_2413

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  1. Hi Rob
    Give me a call I can do Saturdays or Sundays
    Tony butterworth

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