West Dorset Womble Recce

Firstly my huge thanks to all those who came out today to not only make the recce a success, but to add so much in the way of advice, ideas and feedback for future events.

At the start I asked if you could try to take as many pics as possible, personally, I would like to see them for my interest, but Rog Pardy, the club secretary needs them ASAP, to that end can anyone who took pics, try their hardest to get these pics to Rog via his club email ASAP!

Looking forward to next week already!!


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3 thoughts on “West Dorset Womble Recce”

  1. Great day yesterday, good route, much fun had and No damage! Many thanks 🙂
    Will endeavour to email Roger my pics, I think they came out well, also have a good video but think it too large to email!

  2. Good day out and about enjoying the countryside (and pub) using our Land Rovers as intended!
    Thanks to Steve for organising our day, looking forward to this Sunday, weather permitting!
    Keith (Lode Laner)

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