West Dorset Womble Recce 19th of Nov

Good morning all,

This post is to give you some details for the 19th.

We will be meeting in Morrisons on the A35 near Bridport at 1000, DT6 4SB, as you enter the car parks with the fuel station on the left, we will plan to be in the parking bays on the right!

We will aim to leave once we have had a chance to chat about the day and looked at the route!

At the moment there are 6 of us for the 19th, that will mean two groups of three so I will require a volunteer to step up to leading the second group.

Please let me know ASAP via email so I can get the route to you!!

Thanks to you all for your support with this trip!

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10 thoughts on “West Dorset Womble Recce 19th of Nov”

  1. Morning Steve,

    Can you confirm I am on your list for the 19th, not sure if my messages are working. Also can you confirm your email for route

    Many thanks Graham

        1. Received email, many thanks. Looking forward to next Saturday

          1. Great day yesterday, good route, much fun had and No damage! Many thanks 🙂

    1. Hi Graham,
      Email received.
      I will send route this weekend.

  2. So sorry Steve but family commitments mean I now cannot make the 19th. I have emailed you with more info.
    Have a great day out.

  3. Hi Steve,
    See you on the 19th. Contact details sent vie email.

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