Welcome to your new committee

Following on from the AGM on Friday we wanted to welcome the new committee members; Jayne Simmons as Social Secretary, ‘Rob Shadbolt as Company Secretary and Chris Ryan as Treasurer – thank you all very much for volunteering. Rog Pardy continues as Chairman, Rob Elliott as our Green Lane Officer, Jason Macdonald as competitive events officer and Nigel Moore as Vice Chairman. Michael Webster continues as general committee and I’m having a change and taken on the Membership and Shows Co-ordinator roles. We also welcome Graham G Matthews as our new Rights of Way officer and issue a big thanks to Polly Macdonald for all her efforts and Jim Welch for all he’s done for the club and green lane access over the last few years. We are extremely grateful to Andy Wilson who will continue as our Magazine Editor and PR officer. Wishing you all a fantastic, fun and muddy year ahead – look forward to working with you all, thanks Caz

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