User guide

Info on how to’s for this website.

First off, to do anything more than read pages, posts & comments, you’ll need to log in. You’ll also need to log in to read the member only pages. All members should have a log in, if you have problems contact  Once logged in, all the Member Only Area menu tags will appear.

The log in tag is on the left hand side in the box marked Meta.

To make a post which will be seen on the home page, hold your curser on the +New tab which is on the dark grey bar above the website title. Then click the Post. You will need a title or it won’t work. You can add tags & choose to add the post to a category on the right hand side. Once you press Publish your post will appear.

Comments are easy. Comment boxes are bellow live posts. Type in the box & hit Submit Comment. Other comments have Reply buttons. If you use the comment box it will appear at the bottom of any other comments, if you reply to a comment it will appear under that comment.

Albums & photo’s can be added to the Gallery via the Dashboard which is on the top dark grey bar under Dorset Rover. Then under the Gallery tab, add gallery/image. You’ll need an Album (gallery) before you can add photo’s.

Shows & rallies booking system. instructions for this are on the shows page.