UPDATE: Covid Restrictions and Greenlane Trips.

Unlike the trials side of the club, greenlaning does not qualify for a motorsport exemption because it is a recreational activity. It was therefore decided by the club committee that greenlaning could continue as planned unless Covid-19 restrictions become more restrictive.

Therefore in addition to the protocols already in place, it was also decided at committee level that no more than 3 vehicles with no more than 2 people per vehicle may participate in any green lane trip.
However, it would be possible to run two groups on any given trip, provided that there was no contact between either group and that they were run as separate trips to ensure club compliance with the new ‘Rule of six’. This would be made possible by running one trip under the DLRC banner and the other trip under the GLASS banner.

All previous protocols regarding social distancing etc will still apply.
It was also noted that we needed to be very careful about media and social media coverage of such events – club participants would be asked to ensure that any pictures or videos posted would indicate adherence to the spirit and the letter of the restrictions.

All future trips shall continue to be booked by email only.

Lane Clearance Days – until further notice any clearances will be restricted to the abatement of obstructions encountered on such trips as outlined above.

There would/could be no organised ‘official’ clearance sessions due to limitations on the number of volunteers, the need for massively reworded risk assessments and complications caused by directing the passing flow of general public to maintain social distancing.

Please accept these revised measures and respect that we are doing all we can to maintain a semblance of normality, but we must remain compliant and well within the rules, as neither the club or those who freely volunteer their time towards the running of club events can afford to be fined or to have their reputation tarnished through non-compliance.

Many thanks.

Written by 

Club Green Roads Officer