Tyro trial

Msa regs;

Tyro Trials (44)
7.1. These must be organised in accordance with 5.
and the following:
7.1.1. The terrain chosen should ensure that vehicles do
not catch any bodywork on approach, ramp breakover,
or departure angles, and consideration should be given
to the vehicles entered when laying out sections.
7.1.2. Any longitudinal gradient must be 50% maximum.
7.1.3. Any transverse gradient must be 25% maximum.
7.1.4. The depth of any water must be 0.3m maximum.
7.1.5. Vehicles must be capable of traversing sections
without making contact with any trees, bushes or other
natural features.
7.1.6. No features may be included within sections
which are likely to cause damage to the underside of
competing vehicles.


Tyro Trial (7)
44.1. Tyro Trial Drivers must hold a valid RTA licence
(not provisional) for vehicles with more than three
wheels and produce a valid Club membership card.
44.1.1. The SRs may Permit entries from Drivers who
are 13 or over without a full RTA Licence, provided that
their Passenger has experience of Cross Country
Trials and holds a full RTA Licence for the vehicle
44.1.2. The vehicle may only be driven between
observed sections by a crew member who holds a valid
full RTA Licence.
44.1.3. Vehicles not complying with 62 must be fitted
with a standard manufacturer’s hardtop, truck cab or a
roll bar to Section K, Appendix 2, drawing 1, and the
SRs may permit entries to be accepted in respect of
drivers who are 15 or over without a full RTA licence
provided that the passenger holds a full RTA licence
valid for the vehicle concerned and is a person who has
experience of Cross Country Trials.
44.2.1. More than one Passenger may be carried where
the Driver holds a valid full RTA Licence.
44.2.2. Passengers under the age of 16 will not be
considered as Competitors for the purpose of licensing
or Club membership and will not be required to sign
on. They will however be required to produce at
signing-on a letter of consent from a parent or guardian
which must be retained by the Organisers.
44.2.3. All passengers must be properly seated with
their seat back in an upright position and the seat
adequately fixed.
44.2.4. All occupants must wear an approved seat belt
at all times and all passengers must be seated in
forward facing seats. Their seat back must be upright
and they must face forwards.
44.2.5. The passenger sitting alongside the Driver
during sections must be at least 12 years.
44.2.6. Passengers who occupy the rear seats of the
vehicle must not be less than 2 years of age, any child
under 12 years of age or 135cm in height must be
seated using an approved ‘child restraint’.


Tyro Trials
62.1. Tyro Trials allow all standard production 4×4
vehicles with petrol or diesel engines (including military
variants of civilian models) mass-produced by a motor
manufacturer and generally available for normal retail
sale, or available via a network of dealers, whether
designed principally for the transportation of
passengers, commercial use or dual purpose.
62.1.1. Saloon cars and cars derived commercial
vehicles are prohibited.
62.1.2. All vehicles must display a current VED disc,
(trade plates are not acceptable).
62.1.3. Where appropriate the vehicle must have a valid
MOT Certificate where appropriate


62.1.4. Front seats may be replaced but rear seats, and


the original number of seats when the vehicle was
manufactured, must be retained.
62.1.5. Bumpers must be retained in their original
62.1.6. Safety improvements may be added to the