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5 thoughts on “Trial Result”

  1. Sorry Andy, I packed the results away with the rest of the paperwork and completely forgot about them. They are now in Caz’s capable hands and I’m sure will be up shortly.

  2. Hello,

    Having been away all weekend, Im playing a bit of catch up – just got to sort all the bits for the committee meeting later this week – most likely get the results up tomorrow now, sorry.

    First glimpse without checking calculations it looks like you came top of the Leaf’s Andy, well done.


  3. Thanks Rich/Caz. Probably would have been a different story if Bertie had been in action.

  4. Hello again, results loaded but people’s manual adding up wasn’t right I’m afraid Andy, but you came second so I’d say those tyres did good 🙂 Hope to be at the next one!!!

    1. I knew it was to good to be true. Build a man’s hopes up then let him down. Rob will take some beating.

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