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Calling ALL trialers. …

At the Agm there was a proposal to allow other club’s members to enter our championship league. The thought being that it would give them more incentive to come to more of our trials. The decision was made to defer judgement to the committee. 

We have a meeting this coming Thursday so I need your input urgently if you have any thoughts on the matter. 

My feelings are that it would boost numbers which we desperately need.  We’re all members of the Alrc which gives us the ability to trial with any other Alrc club. Our championship however has only ever been open to dlrc members,  most probably because it was deemed that it only interested our own members. 

Currently anyone who wants to enter our league would need to pay for membership  (despite already being a member of an affiliated club). However,  there is potentially to make more from trial income than the current membership fee! 

Putting the money aside for a while,  the biggest issue would be with our “rule” that ALL drivers who want to enter the championship must do 1 clerk of the course & at least 1 set up. This would pretty much preclude any other clubs from entering. Ok so why not drop this? Simply because it has really worked to get more drivers actually involved in the running of the trials. 

Somerset and Wilts lrc currently allow other clubs to enter their league & have a similar rule with having to coc (I think!) Although their points for doing so are slightly different. 

So I guess my question is. …. If the necessity to do coc was dropped but you still got your 10 points, would you still do it?

This is the only way I can see to make this work but obviously we still need help with running the trials. We’d still have a small advantage from the 10 points, so there’s no merit in joining another club just to avoid having to coc (yes it was mentioned! ).

Could you please email me at  with any comments,  feeling or suggestions. Thanks Rog.


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  1. My view is that the current coc/set up system (points aside) has worked in getting people involved and has meant less work for the hardcore who previously almost ‘had to’ do set up or the events wouldn’t have happened….. assisting with set up outside of your mandatory coc/set up duties is still optional… but i also think that getting everyone involved has also made everyone slightly more appreciative of the efforts involved in making these things happen…. even though there’s still plenty that happens that most have no idea about…. i also think its actually made most drivers think about the sections more too…. in the past we had triallers who would only assist with set up when virtually begged…. which in my book is unfair…
    So my thoughts are that if anyone from any alrc club wishes to be eligible for our trophies then they should do the same coc/setup as dlrc members themselves….

    1. Thanks for your input.
      You yourself have travelled to a few s&w trials, did you ever coc or set any of theirs up? It works both ways so is it still unfair? If there was a fair way to do this without upsetting the coc system but also encouraging other club members, I’m all ears!
      Your last sentence would basically exclude anyone from other clubs from doing our trials, do you think we can afford that?
      Besides that, you didn’t answer my question. …

      1. Well….. i never did thier trials with thoughts of winning a trophy…. so thats a bit irrelevant….
        Yes . Personally i would be happy to coc at least once a year…. but judging by previous yrs i doubt everyone would… plus there are a few that simply aren’t bothered about a trophy or winning they just enjoy the trials…

  2. I think we need to be careful not to discourage drivers from other clubs. I think we need to acknowledge that if you’re travelling a distance to the site that alone has a fair time and cost implication. I also feel that those drivers from other clubs are generally really enthusiastic, helpful and bring a lot to the events.

    So I feel Roger’s proposal is a fair one, other ALRC members can enter our championship. Then we keep the incentive COC gets 10 points, and set out gets 1 point, to DLRC members or other ALRC members. So technically you could win without COCing or setting up, but mere mortal drivers will rely on those extra COC points.

    Then to avoid being able to win without driving, COC is capped at a maximum of 10 points (ie COC at least once per year and you get 10 points) and set up to 1 point (ie set up at least once, in addition to COC set up, to get one point). That way it doesn’t unfairly penalise those needing to travel a long way to set up.

    In the unlikely event we have more COC’s than trials we’ll just need to put on more events, caravan trials anyone? 🙂

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