Todays trials

Well I think we got off very lightly with the weather!

Although we had 20 drivers doing the 2 trials, I was a little disappointed with the turn out. It’s a lot of work for just 5 drivers on the tyro. Over 3 hours to set up doesn’t make it worth doing if it weren’t for the fact that you all seemed to enjoy it. I thought we had more interest?

there are no more tyros planned, certainly we don’t have any sites large enough to run one simultaneously with an rtv. This means it would have to be on a Saturday. Anyone want that?

I doubt caz will get the scores on tonight unless she wakes up ! I think it was the beef stew we’ve just had that has been bubbling in the slow cooker all day. Yummy, highly recommended.

Thank you all for a great day & see you next time.

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8 thoughts on “Todays trials”

  1. Yes Rog – we did enjoy better weather than the forecasters errr forecasted!

    Great sections if a little tight in some areas – pity I cocked up one section in the morning and another in the afternoon!

    Still, I’m sort of glad I went!!


  2. Would just like to say I big thanks to all that set it up and ran it today. Had such a great day. Not just for me and my brother driving but the whole family. Still can’t take the smile off my brothers face (even more so he got through the bit I got stuck!!!) Sats wouldn’t be no good for me due to work. Mums got lots of photos of all that took part in tryo and she will send them in. Thanks again the fords

    1. Yes but rumour has it that you will be stepping up to trial with the big boys & that will still be on Sundays.

    2. Hi Emma we’d love to see some photos of our 110 in action if you have some I could pm you our email, thanks.

      1. Yes got some if you email your email to I will forward them to you, same for any one else at Tyro let me know your vehicle and and I will send on thanks Paul

  3. Ta da, I’m awake and yes the scores are on the doors. I have to say (wait for the excuses) a combination of a new site, rusty ‘skills’ and ‘tight sections’ led to a pretty poor day on my part however, much improved when Rog jumped in as a co-driver on a couple of sections.

    A huge big thank you to all of you involved in setting up yesterday and to everyone who helped collect canes in today – many hands, light work and all.

    Here’s to the next one, Caz

  4. Sounds like you had much more fun than I did today viewing the underside of the Range Rover!
    Glad it went well 🙂

  5. Brilliant day and I echo the thanks to all that set it up. It was my first RTV and despite the tree incident my 50 year old landie didn’t do too badly, it was the driver misjudgemet of the acres of turning circle needed that lead to the many fails, oh and the drivers door flying open just as I passed through the markers on one section.

    I will post a question about tyre recommendations for series Land Rovers on the main site later.


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