THIS IS IMPORTANT IF YOU ARE A GREENLANER: Advice on responding to Defra’s consultation on the Landscapes Review.

I have been banging on and on for ages about how one day the very existence of our hobby could be threatened by a new piece of legislation which would outlaw greenlaning as a legal recreational pursuit.
This affects us all, not just the club members who greenlane, as I have a nasty suspicion that motorsport in the countryside could also be targeted, so those of you who RTV should perhaps also take note, those of you who are less mobile and are reliant upon using a vehicle to access the countryside by using greenlanes are also targeted.
I urge you all to take a look at the link here: LSR0222 (
Within this link you will also find other links to read the DEFRA consultation and to submit a response.
PLEASE do not have an apathetic opinion of this, an apathetic and complacent attitude by many of us failing to act decisively against the NERC Act 2006 ultimately led to us losing a lot of lanes.
Lets make our opinions known, this could be our last chance, you have until 11:45pm on 9th April 2022.

Written by 

Club Green Roads Officer