The last p38 built.

I received this email this week, if ever there was a ‘special’ p38, could it be this one?
I own a very special Range Rover and I’m selling it here in
Spain…… A local car enthusiast has pleaded with me to at least try
and get a collector interested as it is such a ‘special’ car. I have
attached an article from the Bonhams catalogue, they sold the car in
2003, it was in the British auto museum for  a few years before that
as it was the last one ever built. It then travelled to southern Spain
where it has stayed in a Garage for most of its life.

We even found the signatures of the entire build team hidden in
various panels throughout the car…… A sign I believe that shows
how proud they were of their work.

Honestly, this is like a NEW car, hardly ever used and with only
20,000 on the clock.

Everything can be checked and verified and anyone is welcome to see
the car……. Problem is, its here in Marbella with me

My buddy doesn’t want me to sell it to someone here who will drive the
value out of the car.

What do you think? If you think you could find a better home for the
car, please let me know, I’m selling to the first person with cash,
but will await your advice for a few days.

He doesn’t say how much he wants, but this will surely be a future collectors item?
Ronan Maguire
0034 618546108

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