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I’m keen to try new ways of organising the trials.  If the workload was distributed evenly it would only take each driver to set up one trial, marshal once and score for half a day per year.  However the reality is all the work is left to just a few people and it becomes a bit of a chore.  If we’re not careful the few doing all the work will just say enough is enough, throw in the towel and start a new hobby.  We need the support of the membership to run these events and without it they will simply come to an end.

I don’t want to press gang people into setting up, and if people volunteer they can choose a trial that is close to home and on a convenient date.  The dates for all the trials are published at the start of the year and we always set up on the Saturday before.  So starting with Portesham at the start of the trial I will be asking for volunteers for Knitson set up on Saturday 26th July, so please check your diaries and see if you’re available.  I appreciate sometimes things crop up nearer the date so if after you’ve volunteered you can no longer make it, first step would be to try and find someone to go in your place and if you can’t let me know and I’ll do my best to find a replacement.

If you didn’t set up the trial maybe you could consider picking up a marshal’s vest or the clipboard?  Again it’s all about everyone doing a little to make sure everyone enjoys the day.  Training can be given for these roles and they aren’t particularly arduous.

I think we’re quite good at clearing up at the end of the day and thank you to those that pull canes, tidy up and look after the kit (and bring it to the next trial).  Don’t forget the day isn’t over for your committee who have to pay land owners, pay permits and various other bits and pieces that go on behind the scenes.

Trialing is a great part of the club and I think with a little effort from everyone now we can secure its future and keep attendance strong.

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3 thoughts on “The Future of Trials…”

  1. Valid points Rich.
    Lets not forgot that you will be stepping aside next year to concentrate on your studies, leaving us even shorter.
    Other clubs have a scoring system that gives points for set up & marshaling so people don’t miss out. Maybe that is the way forward & a discussion at the AGM.

  2. Hmmm, I’ve been thinking about this too. Could we say that each trialer needs to complete one or two set ups and marshalling roles a year to validate their points in the league? For those that can’t do a Saturday and then a Sunday they could swap with another member and do two lots of marshalling and not setup – if agreed by both parties of course!!!

    Just an idea for discussion?


  3. Hi folks,
    I am sorry that I have not been able to attend or assist much this year, but the problem has existed for many years (member since 2001).
    The camera club I belong to has just closed after 100 years or success just because nobody will commit to the committee.
    The era when members attend absolutely everything is probably over, considering modern lifestyles, so a flexible approach is needed. At the University they try to have two people for each role in their societies !
    I would suggest towards the problem above, that new members are given a season ‘bye’ so that they can settle into the club properly.

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