The Benefits Of Communication Whilst Green Roading.

To some, this may seem a contentious subject to discuss as it could result in inevitable extra expense to a hobby which is not cheap at the best of times, BUT I have to bring to your attention an aspect of our hobby which, as a club, we appear to be sadly lacking.

There have been occasions where if we had a common means of communication between vehicles, we could have advised of potential problems or hazards before they may occur, such as:

  • Other lane users ahead.
  • Obstructions.
  • Telling the vehicle behind to back off as you have stones trapped in your tyres.
  • Assisting on blind junctions.
  • Advising when the group is getting spread apart due to traffic on a junction.
  • Giving instructions to regroup if heavy traffic splits a group up.

…..the list is endless.

Whilst within familiar surroundings it is comparatively easy to lead a group and keep one eye in the mirror for the rest of the group, but as we are looking to broaden our horizons and expand our greenlaning activities into other, less familiar areas, it will become increasingly difficult to do this AND read a map, especially if we do a few more trips ‘after dark’.

We have coped well, so far, yet I must emphasise that the last couple of trips where a few of us have used CB radio communication it has been much easier with not having to stop the group periodically to pass on information or inadvertently leave somebody behind for a few minutes when a breakdown occurs, it is especially useful if there is no mobile telephone coverage!

Some of you will remember a lane up on the Marlborough Downs last summer which if we’d had adequate communications would have saved us an hour or more of hassle backing an entire group out, when it could have been just me after determining that the lane was unfit for the rest of the group to follow….

Whilst I’m not saying that fitting a CB radio should be compulsory, I’m just asking if you would consider fitting one to help us all enhance our greenlaning experience with better communication.

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Club Green Roads Officer

7 thoughts on “The Benefits Of Communication Whilst Green Roading.”

  1. Perhaps a brief presentation on what is involved could be given at the next Club Night?

  2. Would someone like to collect the club radios from me? There are 2 + my own one. Give them a go & see how they are with a view to buy if they work ok?

    1. Hi Rog, signed up for the next GL run and am not too far away so could pick up at a convenient time before then. Assume these are hand helds not vehicle mounted? Are they CB or PMR?

    1. 10th May (week on Sun) so some tme this / next week. Will ring you over the weekend.

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