Sunday Crossways

Very Big Thank you to Robin, not only for navigating but for all the advice on driving technique.   My score was  half my usual  result on the previous trials.    I really learnt a lot, I felt more in control of the vehicle and a lot safer.  Robin is Dorset Rover’s “STIG”.

Doing it properly made it far more enjoyable, learning from an experienced driver is far better than learning from your mistakes.  I have always appreciated the help, advice and tips given by various club members but having a full day with an “instructor /co-pilot” was brilliant.    I hope Robin enjoyed the day as much as I did.

I recommend to all new members to ask for help.  I hope the experienced club members will be available to pass on their knowledge.    I know its asking a lot to give up their time;  they want to complete and enjoy the day as well,  but could we have a new entry class “Practice Round”  where the score would not count in the overall standings, this would overcome the rule of having a “Driver” as a co-pilot. The instructors could still complete in their own vehicles in a scoring round before sitting in with a novice, then they would not gain any advantage of having a prior run through the course.   I am sure this will benefit the drivers and the club in the long term.

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Crossways”

  1. Thanks Tim – perhaps greater praise than justified. It was good to get to know you and where possible guide you through some of the tricky bits.

  2. Tim. Most of us recognized that you were doing much much better, well done. Lets hope that you can use the experience & do as well when you don’t have the luxury of a co driver.
    We do allow new drivers to have an experienced trialer with them for the first 2 or 3 trials they do, after that we’d hope they’d sort of know what to do.
    I was also impressed by how well your 90 did considering it was only on at’s!

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