Saxon express

Dear Friends,there are less than four weeks until Saxon Express 2019, you entered in 2018 and I wonder if you wanted to have the same amazing off road navigation experience again this year. We have a new area this year and the Dusk Safari will concentrate on ease of navigation and driving pleasure using areas that would cost hundreds if pounds if it were a stage rally. But, of course, we know that stage rallies are for the insecure and navigation rallies are for those discerning drivers and navigators who combine intellect, style and skill. Saxon Express will give you the opportunity to demonstrate all of these. 
Some of you will need to return this year to defend the title you won last year. Also, there are, at present, four “parent and child” entries; if I get two more I’ll put up prizes for the best crew.  You know who you are!! I have some “Mr and Mrs” crews but would need six to offer prizes.
For ease of cross connection I’ve attached the ASR and entry form. For you guys in green machines please refer to 2019DIN10-002 (sorry I can’t link it to ModNet.)If you don’t want to hear from me again please say so and please forgive the intrusion.
Very best wishes and I hope to hear from you,
Bernard StevensCompetition SecretaryNavigation GroupBritish Army Motorsports Association077 7575 3763
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