RTV League Table……so far!


I have compiled the RTV league table to date.  You’ll notice I have taken your highest score off to date but this will be updated at the end of the year along with the remaining trial scores.  I have excluded guest drivers at this stage.

League Table Oct 2014

Any questions give me a shout.

Cheers, Caz

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5 thoughts on “RTV League Table……so far!”

  1. My score needs to be corrected for knitson…i scored 12 in total not 19 as i had a clear on section 7 as Ron pointed out.

  2. Hi All,
    My r seems to have moved !!
    Its only my name, Dumbreck,
    Celtic from Speckled fort on a hill.

  3. Hi Jason & Robin,

    Sorry for the delay, just got back from holibobs and have updated both entries now.

    Thanks, Caz

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