Rtv interclub, Mannington.

Hopefully you will have seen the calendar for next year & have noticed this event?

We will be going head to head with members of Hants & Berks lrc (& hopefully S&W) on Feb 8th 2015 in an rtv trial at Mannington. http://streetmap.co.uk/map.srf?X=406580&Y=106305&A=Y&Z=120

There will be 12 challenging sections to test your driving skills with a lovely trophy going to the lowest scoring standard vehicle.

Scrutineering will be from 9am, drivers brief around 10am. The event will be run under Alrc regulations & scores will go towards our years championship.

There will be a catering van on site for bacon butties & burgers etc.

We will need dedicated (ie. not drivers) marshals for this event please. If you would like to help out, contact either Nige, Jase or myself. (If you’re unsure or haven’t marshaled before, we’ll give you guidance to make sure you have an enjoyable experience)

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6 thoughts on “Rtv interclub, Mannington.”

  1. Ummm – may be time for some new tyres then!

    Sounds great – hopefully the club can make a good showing – after Jason’s performance at Charlton Mackerel we look to be well placed in the “standard” class.


  2. Oh i don’t know about that Martin, it will depend on how many bacon buttys i don’t have.lol.
    yes must also purchase some new boots for next years trials as dring on tarmac everyday soon wears them down.

  3. Silly Question tho. Have new flared archers. May I remove them to compete ??

    1. ?flared? by that you mean wider than standard? I’m fairly confident they wouldn’t affect your alrc status but you would need to keep some arches on a 90 to retain the silhouette.
      I also doubt that they would restrict your ability to navigate the sections if left on.
      Look forward to seeing you there.

  4. Sorry Rog

    That’s exactly what I meant. Haven’t the originals anymore so I am hoping I do fit the gates lol

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