Recovery points!

After events at the last trial, we feel we have to tighten up on recovery points at trials.

The use of shackles will no longer be acceptable. This will of course mean that tow balls are the only obvious recovery point available. Alrc regulations state that they must be bolted to the vehicle (not welded) with h/t bolts 8.8 or higher. If using a standard bumper or bolting direct to the rear cross member, a 6mm min backing plate must be used to prevents bolts pulling through.

On Rrc or disco rear, the best option is a drop plate bolted in the factory position & triangulated back to the chassis legs. If you don’t want to restrict the departure angle, the drop plate can be cut down but must retain the triangulation pieces. I understand the fitting of tow balls to the front bumper of these vehicles can be awkward! If you have difficulties I suggest you phone or email me (or catch me or Nige at a trial), I can even help with fabrication if needed.

Defenders & series front bumpers are strong enough to take a ball bolted directly to them (with backing plate), the strongest position being in front of one chassis leg.

Those of you with winch bumpers with built in recovery eyes will still need to attach a tow ball because shackles will not be allowed.

If you have time, it will be nice if you could arrange you recovery points before the Jan trial but I realize that time is short. A more realistic time would be the Feb trial. You have been warned!!

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8 thoughts on “Recovery points!”

    1. Yes jon.
      correct fitting of nato hitches uses a spreader plate behind the hitch & the normal one behind the crossmember/ bumper. Pin hitches are fine & need to be rated.

  1. I’m sorry but I must have missed the news about the “events at the last trial”. Can you help me understand why shackles are no longer allowed at trials?

    1. You needed to be there Gordon. No news, just something that made us want to change an unacceptable risk. + it makes for a far swifter attachment of a rope when you don’t have to faff with a shackle.

  2. Hi roger I have a bumper that has a recess in
    It and has a pin through like the army have on
    The front of there landrovers but mine is on the
    Rear it’s not rated is that ok or do I still need a
    tow ball
    Many thanks

    1. Sounds ok Paul as you should be able to attach a rope direct to it.
      We’ll have a good look Sunday if you come.

  3. Hi Roger,

    just prior to reading about the ban on shackles I purchased a 3.5t rated swivel hook to attach to the recovery eye on my steering guard. I bought this because I thought shackles were too slow and often under water.
    I hope this will comply, it is a lot easier than fitting a tow-ball and also cheaper. It is just as quick and accessible as a tow-ball and I think will function better as it can rotate when using a winch rope.
    Unfortunately I don’t think I will be able to attend on the 6th Jan as my Landy is off sick, awaiting parts!! I am hoping it will be ready by Sat so I can get there but it looks doubtful.

    Happy New Year to everyone.

    Kind regards,
    Tim Gibbens

  4. Hi Tim
    The trouble with that is that there is still a moving and potentially breakable metal link involved.
    Putting a tow ball on the bumper couldn’t be easier,all you need to remember is the spreader plate behind the bumper, and high tensile 8.8 or higher rated bolts.

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