Recovery point update.

You should have all seen this…

This is only relevant to rtv’s.

Following a couple of inquiries regarding the possibility  of the rope pulling off the ball on a recovery, there should be no problem with members using ‘pin’ type hitches, either built into a bumper similar to army defenders or bolt on.


Nato hitches are ok but correct fitting requires backing plates BOTH sides of a crossmember!

Email or phone if you need any further assistance. Rog

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2 thoughts on “Recovery point update.”

  1. Thanks Rog for your assistance with my front recovery point yesterday (and for the works to the D3 too)!

    Much appreciated


    1. No worries Martin.
      If anyone else would struggle to drill 16mm holes, I have a 16mm drill bit & can bring it with my battery drill to Mannington.

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