Race for life.

I have been asked if the club can help with a support vehicle at some of their events this year.

Starting with the closest,  

Poole June 16th. Set up vehicle needed 5am-8am. Course is roads & grass, the roads will be closed.

Poole June 17th. 6am-9am as above. 

Bournemouth 10th June 6am-9am. Along Bournemouth seafront which will be closed.

Southampton 30th June 5am-8am. Southampton common so grass & paths.

Southampton 1st July 6am-9am. As above but with The avenue & Highfield Rd areas which will be closed.

Other races which need assistance are Winchester & Guilford. 

If you can help please email me at chairman@dorsetrover.co.uk & I will forward your details. 


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