Pay & Play

Matchams leisure park are offering our members a £5 discount on their pay & play days.

This reduces the £25 cost for a vehicle & driver to £20 on production of a valid membership card. Additional drivers £10 & passengers £3.

The site is huge & has a bit of everything. We had a big track clearing session this year to open the tracks up so non scratchy.

2014 dates…

9th Nov, 23rd Nov, 14th Dec.

Sundays are 10am till 4pm.


Streetmap here-Matchams No website but phone no.07952 858805 or email

Facebook page. Bournemouth 4×4 & Matchams pay & play day events.

4 thoughts on “Pay & Play”

  1. I would just like to comment on a recent visit to matchams on sunday the 4th August
    We turned up on sunday to be greeted by Martin one of the marshals who was very helpful in telling where we could go on the site
    We signed in and received wrist bands to log us in showed the dorset card and got in for £20
    Martin then took us for a tour of the areas we could use and the areas that are out of bounds.
    Once we had done the tour we were let loose on the site.
    What a fantastic place having never been before i did not know what to expect.
    As the chairman said a bit of everything.
    Steep hill climbs tricky wood sections and and a new sand pit area to play in.
    It would make a great trial site similar to crossways and tincleton put together.
    Met up with Tim Gibbens who we had to winch out of a tricky situation with 2 vehicles (Hope the land rover is not damaged tim)
    Stopped for lunch at 1pm everybody has to stop till 1.30pm drinks and refreshments can be brought from the signing in hut.
    Then back on the different sections again this time doing technical stuff through the wooded sections down hill thankfully did not manage to push any trees over this time.
    Just off from the bike track had some interesting hill climbs
    A thoroughly good day had by all.
    They are also doing an evening session on tuesday nights for 3 hours


    1. Hi James,
      Thanks for your help, ( I dropped my front end into a deep ditch), I got a couple of dents and broke a track-rod end.
      Pay & Play days are good fun but you don’t “walk the course” and there are a lot of hidden dangers; deep trenches, large lumps of concrete etc. There is no set course so vehicles can appear from anywhere, on one of the steep climbs I was on my way up when a Susuki came flying over the ridge. There is not speed limit enforcement, it can get like 4X4 banger racing or a destruction derby. Everyone is very friendly and helpful but the potential for a serious accident or doing serious damage is always there. I look forward to a more controlled safer day with Dorset Rover.

      1. Tim, we had “issues” with the Suzuki drivers when we opened up the club Somerley driving day to all comers. They seemed to spend most of the day trying to break their trucks (and several managed it with blown transmissions)!
        You can walk the course you intend to negotiate and indeed you should if it looks iffy.
        Hope your lovely straight truck is not too bad.


  2. Thanks for the informative report James and thanks to the Committee for organising the club discount.

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