NYDGL Trip – Brilliant!

Horrendous weather for today’s laning trip, but absolutely brilliant drive! Huge thanks to Rob for putting it all together and to Ron as well for helping to recce the route, and to Rob, Ron and Martin for leading the groups. Great example of responsible laning as well – lots of water but all the lanes driven were on rock/chalk/gravel base so no damage to soft surfaces. Really good route (I think we drove past Stonehenge at one point, but difficult to make out through the rain) but I had a great time. Really grateful to all involved – hope everybody else enjoyed it as much as I did (and that Adam got home OK and can get the fuel issue sorted!).

Oh – and a very Happy New Year to one and all!


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9 thoughts on “NYDGL Trip – Brilliant!”

  1. I would echo Andy’s comments…a good day despite the constant rain. Thanks guys.

  2. Here here – just a shame I got stuck in the afternoon!!!!!


    1. not dovers dip ? anyway thanks for the jubilee clip we got home fine.

  3. Excellent day out today and my personal thanks to Ron for his excellent navigation/leadership and for giving me a quick tow when I went meandering into a field!

  4. I would also like to add my thanks to all those who organised the trip today, especially Rob. We had a great day and I look forward to doing the same trip in the summer when we can see the views, if it’s not too HOT. Hazel and myself had fun on the way home the roads into Bransgore were flooded to around 300 mm for long distances, which gave us some more fun, fortunately it was still daylight.

  5. The trip would not have been possible without Ron and Martin – I’m extremely grateful to them and to all of you who came along for your support, for pulling together as a team and making the day a success.
    We achieved a tread lightly approach despite the conditions, a couple of sleepless nights worrying about it was definitely worth it although I wonder if Mr Dover should have had a Harbour Pilot as passenger…..

  6. it seems that i am the last to thank rob, ron and martin for the green lane day.
    I have done these before but not in those conditions. It was most enjoyable. thanks again.
    david and shirley

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