New score Trial Results year to date – it’s a close one!

Hi ya

I’ve spent some time today working out our scores to date to give you all a flavour of how you’re doing.

Remember the following guidelines though;

1)  If you haven’t missed a trial at all, your highest score is removed and replaced with the average of all other scores.

2) If you have missed only one trial, you drop the normal 100 penalty points (score that used to be awarded for missing a trial) and receive an average of all other scores instead.

3)  If you have missed more than one, you drop the first 100 penalty points and will receive the average on the full year instead.  Each subsequent missed trial will be scored at 100 penalty points each.

I have attached  the Overall 2012 to Sept 2012  list, take a look and let me know if there are any obvious boo boo’s.  Constructive comments are welcome at the AGM regarding the new scoring system.  See you on Friday 5th October at The Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers.

Thanks, Caz

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