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2 thoughts on “More Byways for Dorset!!!”

  1. Would be really good to get some lanes back but they have only been told to “reconsider” – no directive to change the decision. Don’t hold your breath!

  2. It’s a start, although it’s really only highlighted the obscene waste of our taxpayers money, (money which could have been better spent on maintaining our public rights of way) by the County Council in pursuing a case over a ‘technicality’, i.e. the difference in scale between 1:25000 and 1:50000 mapping.
    Whether we have some incorrectly recorded pre-NERC routes restored to BOAT or UCR status remains to be seen, but the greenlaning community as a whole can at least have some satisfaction in the knowledge that this case will no doubt have set the precedent for similar cases to be pursued in other counties where applicable.
    Sadly the Winchester Case remains intact and watertight, so no correctly recorded lanes subject to the conditions of NERC can be contested, they’re gone for good.
    I suspect some smartarse within county hall is licking his/her wounds after this….or job hunting….!

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