Misfiring 200tdi

At Mannington the 200tdi conversion in my Series began to blow out quite a lot of black smoke, I’m assuming un-burnt diesel, and on driving it today it is mis-firing at anything other than idle. Any ideas on the fault would be appreciated.


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  1. Remove rocker cover and check for a snapped inlet valve rocker/bent pushrod etc – no air is getting in to that one cylinder, hence the black smoke and misfire

  2. Never snapped or bent a valve, bent plenty of push rods when cam belts have snapped! Something like that would make it lumpy at tick over too.
    sounds like a timing issue to me. Check that your cambelt hasn’t jumped a tooth or two!
    Other things to check,… fuel lines for air getting in, lift pump.

    1. And check the flux capacitor, always check the flux capacitor….. ūüėÄ

      1. Should it be flashing or pulsing? Mine’s pulsing but I can’t seem to get it to work!

  3. Thanks for your suggestions. Took it for a longish run at the weekend and it seemed to clear itself after about 10 miles. I’ll see how it goes this weekend before taking too much of it apart.

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