Mannington rtv

Scrutineering from 9am, start 10.30 at the latest so be there by 9.45 please.

Huge site, sand, mud, water, hills…. We’ll set up 10 sections.

Can Hoggy keep up his driving skills?

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11 thoughts on “Mannington rtv”

  1. Jon Riddle if you are trialling this Sunday could you please bring your spare front passenger door so I could have a look & then we can agree a price for it.

    Many Thanks


  2. Rog, I doubt it, but time will tell!!

    Trev, Jon not coming, again!!

    1. You never know Ron – this may be your SWB year. My 90’s steering is really wierd and slow to respond – my non-power assisted S1 now has lighter and more precise steering!!!!

      1. Martin
        My old 90 went like that! Found the steering damper full of mud and hard to move.

  3. Well, as i thought, Mr Dover beat me……………
    Well done Martin!!

    When the scores go up, i’d like to apolagise for the scores for the odds not being in the same order as the evens, somehow in the afternoon, (when we did the 1-5 sections) the scores didn;’t get put in the right lines, the last section we did was labeled 3……….

    Anyways, total score are what matter!!


    1. WET WET WET!!!
      What an awful day, 20 of us braved the wind & rain to drive the sections.
      Martin was back on form scoring an amazing 11 points. We had a few recoveries & had to winch a few vehicles from some rather soggy patches.
      Hope everyone enjoyed it despite the weather.

  4. Anyone who scored only 11 points all day deserves not merely congratulations but a medal. It was foul! So specially sincere thanks to the course setters and marshalls and scorers who didn’t have the option of wimping out like we did! Andy

  5. And there are now a few pictures from Mannington RTV in Andy Wilson’s album…

  6. can somebody make it easyer to find the 2013 trials results as i cant find them anywhere

  7. Dave, forst thing to do is make sure you’re logged in, then click ‘categories’, trial results will appear, with an arrow next to it, click the arrow, and then 2013 results should show up…. mannington scores not added yet, i suspect the score sheets are still drying out!

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