mannington interclub.

Awesome day. Huge thanks to all the marshals & setter uppers.

32 drivers from dlrc, hants & berks,  & Somerset & wilts.

manic start to the day getting everyone scrutineered but once we were going it went nice & smoothly.

Look out for the article in forthcoming lro/ lrw….

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  1. Superb day in fantastic weather. Shame we were rather shown up by the other two clubs! I’m still smarting from a couple of my errors!

    Ta to all the setter uppers and other officials.


  2. In fairness I think there were more of them than us, so the chances of being shown up were against us…
    had a really enjoyable day. Drove like a muppet at times. …. no change there then. …

    Thanks to everyone for their efforts in making it a good day. .!

  3. Had a cracking 2 days @mannington. Set up on saturday and driving on the sunday.well done to all the help over the weekend and although my score was not one of my better days i still had a big smile on my face

  4. Thanks to everyone involved in making this happen. Just being able to focus on driving with dedicated marshalls taking care of business was a welcome treat. It was certainly good to be back in the driving seat and once I work out the basic operation of the various levers in the truck I’m hoping for some good scores later in the year.

    1. So it was true Rich that you’d forgotton all the functions that the little one did. Good job you weren’t in a series – they have three levers.

  5. I can only reiterate the comments above, a great day apart from my dubious talents at the wheel. It was the first of the season I suppose and any other excuses are acceptable.

  6. I also had a great time although managed to deform one of my wheels so if anyone has a standard steal one they don’t need I would be interested.all the best. Mike webster

  7. From a marshals point of view it was also a great day we could not have asked for better weather or better company
    Great to see all the other clubs getting involved.
    Best part of the day was watching Mike buckle his wheel if only i had a video recorder i know light weights are used to flying but seeing the back end nearly going past the front end was quite spectacular
    Good effort Mike

  8. Ahhh – so there was an incident! As I was following Mike down the road I noted that the rear off-side wheel was wobbling alarmingly so I stopped him as I thought his wheel nuts or hub must be loose. What did he do and on which section?

    1. I stood it on it’s nose in a fairly dramatic way attempting to get through the muddy ditch speed wasn’t the way to go. Can’t remember what the section number was but think I got a 5.

    2. I stood it on it’s nose in a fairly dramatic way attempting to get through the muddy ditch speed wasn’t the way to go. Think it was section 12
      I got a 5.

      1. Must have been one hell of an impact if landing on your nose buckles a BACK wheel lol!

  9. It was definatly section 12 and you definatly stuck it on it’s nose, good effort though, Nige

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