Land crisis.

Some of you may be aware that we are struggling with what sites we have for rtv use. The lack of Matchams will also affect our driving day in March which provides valuable income for the club & enables us to reduce costs elsewhere withing the club.

We urgently need to find new land. If you know of anything that could be used, either pass on details to myself or Nige so that we can follow it up or find out yourself if you know who the landowner is.
We pay up to £300 per trial for the right ground & £15 per driver for driving days which could be worth up to £1000!! Not bad for a scabby bit of ground that cannot be used otherwise.
Anything would be considered but ideally, rough, hilly, muddy, woods, quarries, anything bigger than 2-3acres.
We have via the MSA, £20million 3rd party liability which indemnifies the landowner against liability.
If you’ve driven past anywhere & thought ‘that would make a good off road site, just tell us & we can try to find it’s owner.
nige can be emailed
I’m or 07811166069
Thank. Rog

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6 thoughts on “Land crisis.”

  1. Could we not borrow a site like Mannington for the drive day?
    What happened to Axminster?
    How about a deal with Muddy Bottom, nearly in Dorset !
    Sorry only random thoughts

  2. Mannington wasn’t very successful last time possibly because everyone uses it now! Would be nice to get back on minstead but I fear muddy bottom ruined that for everyone.
    Axminster is too small now it was split in two.
    Somerly would be great to get back on too but they priced us out of using it by asking £2k!

    1. Do you think we could do a joint day at Somerley with another group. The woods are big enough for all, as you say the economics are the issue.
      I have always been told muddy bottom is too severe for me, perhaps its better in the summer.

  3. Spoke to a guy locally who said that a new P&P site with some interesting terrain had opened near the Clay Pigeon several monts ago. Can’t find it on Google and can’t contact him at the moment but will keep trying. Any interest or maybe you know of it already?

  4. I know woolbridge use some land up there, definitely worth looking into. Thanks Graham keep us informed.

    1. Caught him just now – sounds like it will be the site Woolbridge use as apparently they had a hand in building it. He is going to get the guy’s name for me. From his description I tracked it down on Google maps but it doesn’t look huge. Have a look at 50.790653,-2.549815 and see what you think. He also suggested one near Hardy’s Monument but from what I can figure this is Loscombe which we already use. will let you know when I get any more detail.

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