Knitson trial

Big thanks to all the guys who set up the trial on Saturday, well done to all who competed as well and hope you got home ok Andy, cheers Nigel Carter

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  1. You’re very welcome. I enjoy setting up & marshaling so it’s as much fun for me to watch you all take on what I have laid out.
    The site is small & therefore tricky to find any new sections & making them different to last time near impossible. So apologies for some of the tight turns.
    With his bit of luck, Bertie will be back in action for the next one.

  2. Yes thanks Nigel and a big thanks to Alex and Rich for helping out and all those of you who offered to follow me home. Just need a replacement axle now to salvage all the bits from. Probably wont be at the next trial as I’m on holiday up until the night before. Cheers Andy.

  3. The one thing I forgot to say. Thanks Alex for letting me drive your awesome V8. Tanya was on eBay as soon as we got home. Sod the old series she wants power. Andy

    1. Wow Andy. Just seen the results for the Knitson trial. Well done for taming the beast – a rather different machine to Dusty!!

      I want a go!


  4. After a very hot set up on saturday my sunday turned into my lowest score to date. Well happy .
    Unfortunately we lacked a few drivers as other commitments came first, so look forward to seeing everybody at crossways in August.

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