Interclub Results February 2015


Please click the blue link just below for the Interclub results that took place on Sunday 8th February at Mannington.

Interclub Feb 2015

Well done to all who took part, a great day.  I’m thinking Feb 2016 is too far away…….anyone else?!?!

Cheers Caz




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8 thoughts on “Interclub Results February 2015”

  1. Very interesting can you tell me what the different classes are thanks. Mike

  2. Same comment as Mikes Caz. I seem to be in a modified class with Alex rather the leaf class with Rob and James.

      1. Andy, has your tdi still got it’s turbo in the series?
        As I see the regs, if it has the turbo you are class 7 & without class 2.

  3. Whatever the scores, it was a well organised and friendly day out., Particular thanks
    to those who patiently marshalled our group.

    Burgers were good too…..

  4. Standard
    Class 1, leaf 80″
    class 2, leaf 88″
    class 3, 101,107,109
    Class 4, coil 90
    class 5 coil 100/110″ etc
    class 6, leaf 80″
    Class 7, leaf 88″
    Class 8, leaf 101,107,109 etc
    class 9, coil, 80″
    Class 10, coil 86,88,90″
    Class 11,coil, 100,110 etc
    there are a few reasons for being in modified class, engine being one, replacement for a 2 1/4 l is a rover 2 1/4 or land rover 2.5 normally asperated diesel.

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