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I’m thinking of compiling a short history of the club – not least to mark DLRC’s 25th anniversary (more about that later and elsewhere!). What I’m hoping is that some of the longer-joined members might have copies of the newsletter (pre-2011), minutes from the AGM over the years, photographs from the start of the club, any other documents that I can research, or failing all of that, anyone’s anecdotes, memories (preferably factual!). I’d be grateful for the loan of anything that members might be able to lend me – I promise to return everything and to take care of stuff. I’ll be at tonight’s club meet at The Cock & Bottle, or you can e-mail me at editor@dorsetrover.co.uk to let me know what you’ve got. Many thanks.

Andy Wilson

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  1. Andy,

    I’ve got the newsletters going back to when I joined the club back in October 2004 when Mike Mears was Chair. Looking through the Committee there’s only Mike and Robin still as regulars.

    Any use?


  2. Andy
    I have some mags going back to 2000. I will gather them up and get them to you.
    So thats why I was running out of storage space.!

  3. Thanks for the prompt responses, Dave & Martin. Any magazines before I joined would be greatly appreciated. The first one that I have is Feb/March 2010, so anything prior to that might give me the information that I’m looking for.
    Does anyone know when the newsletter/magazine was first produced?
    Also AGM minutes prior to the October 2011 meeting would be good.
    I should be at Crossways later this month if that helps in terms of getting stuff to me.
    Many thanks

  4. Andy
    When I retired from Secretary / Newsletter there was a whole pile of old records with Floppy Discs and CDs dating way back. Also all the old AGM records. Plus old photos..
    These were all handed on to Caz but not too sure if they were kept as they were all about the club prior to becoming a company.
    Have a word with Caz as she may be able to shed some light on their whereabouts.
    Meanwhile I will have a dig around in my ‘old’ computer when I can get it to wind up.

    1. Many thanks Bob. I did speak to Caz and she thought she still had the diskettes (and I’ve got a floppy reader still!) so that might yet prove fruitful. Hopefully there will be some more stuff out there somewhere!

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