Attention Greenlaners: BOAT E38/17 Mill Lane and UCR D40215 Roke Hill (Heavy Horse Centre, Verwood).

BOAT marked in RED
UCR marked in BLUE

This is a formal request to all club members who participate in greenlaning activities to remind them that they stay well away from BOAT E38/17 Mill Lane and UCR D40215 Roke Hill in the Heavy Horse Centre area between Verwood and Cranborne.

There have been numerous complaints made by local residents and estate owners regarding recent inappropriate use and further damage (including off piste damage) by 4x4s over the Christmas/New Year period. They are monitoring the area by recording vehicle descriptions and registration numbers.

These lanes are notorious for being inherently wet for much of the year and have been closed by TRO in the past because of severe damage to the surface and becoming impassable to vehicles.
The TRO has long since expired, a TRO is also costly to implement, so it is likely under austerity measures that Dorset Council have as little money available to TRO a lane as they would to repair it.

This known history has meant that, to my knowledge, no formally sanctioned Dorset Land Rover Club Ltd greenlaning trip has included use of these lanes since I first joined the club and introduced its policy of ‘Responsible Rural Recreation’ in 2013.

This policy held by Dorset Land Rover Club Ltd and its members in respect of these lanes (or inappropriate use of any greenlane) remains unchanged, therefore any member found to be in breach of this and bringing the club into disrepute will be held to account for their actions by the club committee.

Many thanks,

Rob Elliott.
Dorset Land Rover Club Ltd Green Roads Officer.
Dorset County Rep, Green Lane Association.


Written by 

Club Green Roads Officer