Greenlaning Trip Dates: 2021

Here are the confirmed dates for the 2021 DLRC greenlaning calendar:

Sunday 10th January
Sunday 7th February
Sunday 7th March
Sunday 11th April
Sunday 9th May
Sunday 6th June
Sunday 11th July
Sunday 8th August
Sunday 5th September
Sunday 10th October
Sunday 7th November
Sunday 5th December

  • Please feel inclined to book well in advance as spaces tend to go very quickly on a first come, first served basis.
  • All bookings/enquiries to:
  • Club specific Covid-19 rules shall continue to apply until otherwise advised (further details can be found below).
  • The areas we visit are chosen a few days prior to the trip and are largely based on the type of vehicle attending and anticipated ground/weather conditions on the day.
  • We always ‘Tread-Lightly’ and practice ‘Responsible-Rural-Recreation’, so if it is too wet to drive the greenlanes then an ‘interesting tarmac route’ will be offered as an alternative.
  • Trip attendees will recieve an email confirming their space after booking and a further email with details prior to the trip.
  • Occasionally an early start may be necessary to fully enjoy the tourist hotspot areas before the tourists get out of bed and swarm in.
  • We never charge for greenlaning trips or ask for a deposit to reserve a space, what we do ask for is that attendees notify the trip organiser right away if they cannot attend, so someone on the reserve list can take their space.
  • If you are a club member, then these trips are organised solely for you as club members, whether you also have personal GLASS or ATUK membership is irrelevant.

    N.B. COVID-19:
    At the time of writing this (November 2020), all club activities have been suspended due to another national lockdown. For many of us Covid-19 has been a total pain in the backside and will no doubt continue to be the case for the foreseeable future, yet there is no reason why we should not continue to enjoy our hobby when regulations permit us to do so, as long as we continue to ensure that we look out for each other.
    Covid-19 has meant that these trips require more thought and planning than ever before and until such time as the pandemic being officially declared as ‘over’, current national Covid-19 rules shall continue to apply and in addition to the national rules, we also have our own greenlaning specific rules in place to ensure that the club remains compliant and our members stay safe:

  • Do NOT attend any club event if you or an immediate household/family member or member of your support bubble are displaying any of the common symptoms of Covid-19, or if you are in a mandatory 14 day isolation period after returning from abroad.
  • No more than two persons per vehicle, three vehicles per group.
  • Start times, meet points and lunch stop locations shall be at staggered intervals to ensure social distancing between groups.
  • Do NOT arrive before your allotted time, this ensures that the earlier group can vacate the area and large groups do not form!
  • Social distancing to be observed at the rendezvous point and all subsequent times such as coffee break, lunch break etc.
  • Club members are to provide their own face coverings, hand cleaner and wash facilities.
  • It is possible that toilet facilities, pubs, restaurants could be closed, so particular emphasis should be placed on self-sufficiency.
  • No food or drink to be shared outside your immediate household/family group/support bubble.
  • No passengers outside your immediate household/family group/support bubble.
  • Group sizes are generally dictated by vehicle occupancy, no more than six persons in any one group.
  • Assuming two occupants per vehicle, group sizes will be set at a theoretical maximum of three vehicles, with a minimum of two vehicles so no vehicle travels alone.
  • N.B. You are not guaranteed a leader to follow.
    Therefore all members should invest in either the Memory Map or ViewRanger App to use on a GPS enabled device – learn/ask for help on how to use it and treat it as a silent sat-nav for greenlaning.
  • If no leader to follow, a GPX overlay (a pre-planned route) will be supplied for you to upload and follow with your GPS enabled device.
  • If an obstruction is encountered on a greenlane, it can be legally abated as long as it is safe to do so, members use their own handtools, do not share handtools and maintain social distancing at all times.
  • No member should knowingly place themselves in a position where they may require outside assistance, such as by using a vehicle with known mechanical defects or by getting into difficulty on a lane when the common sense option would be to turn around and leave it for another day.
  • In the event of a breakdown, do not all offer to help and converge on the breakdown to assist, only assist if requested and maintain social distancing, all club members should ensure that they have adequate breakdown cover, if necessary the broken down vehicle can be towed to the nearest tarmac location to be recovered.

Written by 

Club Green Roads Officer