Club Greenlaning Trips Have Restarted….. But With Significant Changes:

**COVID – 19 Pandemic**
New Greenlaning System in Place, Please Read Carefully:

Now that the Covid-19 restrictions have been eased a little, your club committee has given significant consideration to the gradual restart of club greenlaning activity.

As you are likely aware,  as a club we have to ensure that we comply with government guidelines…and that means that in order to protect ourselves and others, we must implement significant changes to how we operate all aspects of club activity for the duration of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Therefore, your commitee has decided that for the duration of the Covid-19 pandemic, the following new practices shall be implemented by the club in relation to club greenlaning trips, this strictly applies to all club members and their immediate household/family members as passengers:

  • Do NOT attend a club event if you or an immediate household/family member are displaying any of the common symptoms of Covid-19.
  • Start times, meet points and lunch stop locations shall be at staggered intervals to ensure social distancing between groups.
  • Social distancing to be observed at the rendezvous point and all subsequent times such as coffee break, lunch break etc.
  • Club members are to provide their own hand cleaner and wash facilities.
  • It is likely that toilet facilities, pubs, restaurants could remain closed, so particular emphasis should be placed on self-sufficiency.
  • No food or drink to be shared outside your immediate household/family group.
  • No passengers outside your immediate household/family group.
  • Group sizes are dictated by vehicle occupancy, not the number of vehicles, no more than six persons in any one group.
  • Group sizes will be set at a maximum of three vehicles, minimum of two vehicles, no vehicle shall travel alone.
  • PLEASE NOTE: You are not guaranteed a leader to follow. Therefore all members should invest in either the Memory Map or ViewRanger App to use on a GPS enabled device – learn how to use it and treat it as a silent sat-nav for greenlaning.
  • A GPX overlay (a pre-planned route) will be supplied for you to upload and follow with your GPS enabled device.
  • In the event of a breakdown, do not all offer to help and converge on the breakdown to assist, only assist if requested and maintain social distancing.
  • No member should knowingly place themselves in a position where they may require outside assistance, such as by using a vehicle with known mechanical defects or by getting into difficulty on a lane when the common sense option would be to turn around and leave it for another day.

These changes may seem unsavoury to some of you but at least this way we are in a position to restart trips to club members…but in order to continue these trips we have to make allowances for the ongoing and ever changing Covid-19 restrictions, therefore the way in which we operate these trips as a club will have to be adapted and our members will also have to adapt to these changes.

Some members may even prefer this as a new system because they can go out and enjoy the route prepared for them on a weekday rather than on a Sunday.

Shiny vehicles: Please note that many months of plant growth with minimal traffic has meant that many lanes are less forgiving on paintwork, scratches are unavoidable.

Please note that bookings will only be accepted via email. Attempts to book using other platforms such as text, messenger, WhatsApp etc will no longer be accepted, because I simply do not have the time to communicate with you via several different platforms, it eliminates confusion and mistakes being made.

If you wish to participate, or have any questions about the Covid-19 changes please send an email ASAP to:

Here are the confirmed dates for the remainder of 2020, locations will be confirmed nearer the time.

  • Sunday 9th August.
  • Sunday 6th September.
  • Sunday 11th October.
  • Sunday 8th November.
  • Sunday 6th December.

All the best,


Written by 

Club Green Roads Officer