Green road recce

Good evening all,

As you have probably seen in the calendar there will be a green roading trip on the 1st of Jan.

To plan for this, I will be off on a recce on sunday the 18th of Dec to “learn some more green roads” to assess the ground and to make sure the green roads are passable.

To that end, if you woul like to come along, please log in and post a reply stating your interest.

The details of the trip will then be emailed to you all as a group.  Bearing in mind that there will be the need to have another “group leader” if numbers exceed 4 vehicles!!

Look forward to hearing from you all!



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7 thoughts on “Green road recce”

  1. I’d like to come along for that please Steve (recce on the 18th). Cheers 🙂

  2. Hi Steve. You have two members who have put their names down on the ‘Future Green Roads Trip’ page in the members area just in case you haven’t seen it.

  3. Hi Steve, I would also like to book a place on the New Years Day run. Just wondering though will it be on the Sunday 1st or be better on the Monday 2nd as it traditional to see in the new year with a drink or two on the 31st! Can you pencil me in also for the recce.
    Many thanks Graham

    1. Hi Graham,
      Yes it will be on the 1st.
      Hopefully you can still make it! 😉
      I will put you down for the recce too!

  4. Hi Graham (H-D) and Martin,
    I have emailed you both regarding the recce.
    Thanks for the offer Rob, as there are only two members on the recce we should be fine.
    See you all soon
    Steve Pascoe

    1. Hi Steve, email received, looking forward to it, see you Sunday

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