Green road clearance


Corfe end of Ridgeway.
Haven’t had any preferences on dates so I’m intending to go and have a hack around on Sunday 6 Nov. Suggesting meet on site at about 10:30, work for a couple of hours, have lunch and hopefully finish off pm. Mostly recent growth so shouldn’t be too arduous even though there is a fair length to clear. Enter Ridgeway at SY 952 821 and about 1/4 mile on at the end of the open part you will see the target area even if you are the first there! Please let me know if you can make it, Thanks, Graham Glover

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      1. Hi just wanted to let you know that the green road in fontmell magna is drivable with care but is very tight and overgrown. driven on Sunday. would be ideal for a clearance as a really nice lane. don’t think anybody’s been through for a couple of years.

        1. Thanks for that – not familiar with that route but will ask around – have found it on Trailwise!

          1. I know the lane, its overgrown and tight, popular with dog walkers and the like.
            It’s not a days work to clear, it’ll take commitment over several weekends to address….no mean feat!

        2. In light of Rob’s comments, suggest we leave it for a while – get the Womble out of the way, allow everyone to get over the C word and the promised polar vortex to pass then take a look in new year to see if the weather has made the task simpler. Sounds like a bit at a time job tho’. Please feel free to go ahead and set up a weekend if you fancy – I’m not the clearance officer/authority – just fell into this one !!
          Cheers Graham.

          1. Lane is a little less tight in a few places as I had an hour to kill on Friday it may be possible to get a discovery through now still needs a good day of cutting back to be nice. There is one spot that has a large tree trunk that really needs moving a bit but will need some more muscle power.

  1. Hi Graham
    Remember me? White Disco 300. I hope it is still going OK.
    I have not been able to take part in any green lane trips as I have n not wanted to use the TD5. and my wife will not let me use the Evoque.!!!
    We would like to get back into green-laneing and possibly buying a Freelander..
    Are there many trips planned?
    It would be good to get back into it again.
    David Clasby

  2. Hi Dave, wrong Graham! but yes I do remember you, Only imminent run I know is Steve’s Womble. Any planned trips will show up on the site though. Cheers, Graham Glover

  3. Graham G
    sorry I know the right Graham but I just got confused. Put it down to my age.
    hope to see you all again soon

  4. Hi guys let me no next time you’re clearing I’ll be glad to help .

    1. Thanks, hopefully if someone is setting up a clearance they will see this, otherwise I’ll try to remember to drop you in it !!

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