Good Luck!

Just wanted to wish the DLRC teams lots of luck in the C&D event at the weekend. Have fun – and I look forward to to receiving copious written reports for the magazine! And if any0ne can get some good snaps of the DLRC trucks competing that would be EXCELLENT.

Andy the Editor

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6 thoughts on “Good Luck!”

  1. Thanks, I for one need all the luck I can get!
    Mr Hutton & Mr Butterworth will be ace reporter/photgraphers as we’ll be far too busy having huge fun driving.
    Somebody keep me out of the bar Saturday night!!!

  2. I will take all of my cameras so that I can get video as well. Rog, I will keep you out of the bar or at least help you home from it! If I can find home! Didn’t do too well last time I drank.

  3. Thanks Andy.

    My only worry is that my 90 will decide it doesn’t want to leave Dorset – it hasn’t been out of the county for three years (since the last time I did the Mendip Challenge).

    Tyres are now changed to road pattern and fluids checked. The competition tyres have been loaded in the back with two spares leaving hardly any room for my camping gear.

    Lets hope the weather is good coz I know the V8’s with their Insa Turbo’s have the edge if its really muddy.


  4. Good luck guy’s

    Rog try to stay off the Archers this time. I seem remember they turned the lights off last time to get us out of the Bar.


  5. Update Update Update
    as of last night, team A (hoggy, trev & martin) are second!!
    martin is joint first on 9, trev first lwb.
    team B is in last place but having a lot of fun.
    everything could change today though….

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