Future Events Calendar

Event details will be finalized nearer the time. Please watch latest news for confirmation.

Dates will be added to the calendar & will carry more info & maps.

Members can book places at club attended steam rallies, shows & social events here:- Rally page

Club Nights 

Club nights will be held at the Cock and Bottle in Morden.   They will remain to be held on the first friday of the month. Check out club news for details of any special events like skittles or quiz nights. 

Pay & play dates are under ‘catagories’

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Nov 17th. Rtv Bransgore  (Rob/?)

Dec 6th. Club night 


3rd Jan,  club night

19th Jan, rtv crossways? 

7th Feb,  club night.  Charity skittles. 

16th Feb,  rtv interclub,  Mannington. 

6th March,  club night. 

15th March,  rtv, Bransgore. (Rob Jenkins /?)

Saturday 21st March.  Bama, Saxon Express.  Bovington 

3rd April,  club night, charity quiz. 

19th April,  driving day,  crossways. 

30th April -4th may, Abbey Hill steam rally

8th may,  club night. 

17th may, rtv, knitson

5th June,  club night. 

20th-21st June,  Newnham Charity Rtv

28th June,  rtv, Portesham 

3rd July,  Quay for my Car

10th July,  club night. 

17th-19th July,  Langport steam rally

25th July,  tyro & taster day @ hog cliff bottom,  with lunchtime bbq.

26th July,  rtv, hog cliff bottom

7th August,  club night @ Purbeck Rally. 

7th-9th August,  Purbeck Rally 

16th August,  rtv, knitson

28th-30th August,  THE BIG ONE! club gala weekend. 

4th September,  club night. 

20th September,  rtv, hog cliff bottom

2nd October,  AGM.

9th October,  club night. 

18th October,  driving day. 

6th November,  club night. 

15th November, rtv Bransgore

4th December,  DLRC Awards dinner. 

11th December,  club night,  Christmas quiz night. 

13th December,  rtv, tba. 





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