FROM:  Nigel Moore, Acting Chairman, DLRC

For information, members may have noticed that the club’s Facebook page has been suspended. This follows various problems that have been brought to the attention of the Committee. Following lengthy discussion and a full examination of all pertinent facts, it is emphasised that the Committee is entirely satisfied that no individual club member has at any time been blocked on the club’s Facebook site, but rather that to protect the club’s reputation a watch-list was instituted whereby the use of certain words within posts would result in that post not appearing. The Committee unanimously supported the decision to suspend the Facebook page until further notice.

This decision was taken in the light of a Committee decision made on the 24th July to recommend that a new paragraph be added to the club rules as follows:


Any member of the club placing defamatory comments, or comments likely to bring the club into disrepute, on the club website or any social media could render themselves liable to expulsion from the club if such comments are deemed to be unacceptable to the committee.


[For information, under the Articles of Association A14b and as stated in the club rules – Management, Para 1, the Committee is empowered to introduce new rules in furtherance of the objects for which the club is established.]

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