Down to the wire….

The last trial of the year at Bransgore sees Hoggy & Martin fight it out for the swb trophy.

Literally a couple of points separate the two but because of the average score system for one trial (the highest scoring), Hoggy needs to beat Martin by 3 points. he’s done it before this year but who will bow under pressure?

Martin has won the trophy for many many years now so this will be an exciting climax to the year. Definitely one trial not to miss.

I have handed the Leafer trophy to Rob already but will give him a run at the last one, provided Bertie behaves of course!!

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3 thoughts on “Down to the wire….”

  1. Ummmm – new tyres for the Bransgore trial needed then.

    Good luck Ron – may the best man (and truck) win.


  2. It’s been an up and down yr for sure, sadly unless something drastic changes with my back in the next wk, I won’t be able to even get in my truck, let alone drive on a trial. . .
    ho hum. . .
    Hopefully something will fall into place and I’ll be fine. . .

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