Donations to GLASS fighting fund

As many of you know, the Green Lane Association (or GLASS) is an organisation that works hard to help us continue to enjoy greenlaning.

In order for GLASS to continue to do this, it needs money. Some funding is raised through membership and some through other means, such as donations to the ‘GLASS Fighting Fund’.

I am particularly proud that (unlike other clubs) WE DO NOT CHARGE for any proportion of time and personal expenses incurred by running greenlaning trips for the club. It is free and as far as I’m concerned it always will be, I enjoy doing this.

Which leads me on to this question: Whilst we don’t charge for trips, should we be considering making a small donation to the ‘GLASS Fighting Fund’ each time we go out on a trip, say a couple of quid each?

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Former Greenlanes Officer for the club and now the Dorset GLASS Rep. A bit of a self confessed Land Rover nut and was enjoying some comfort in my (No7) steed, a 2002 P38 DHSE until the problems kicked in! I had a brief (and disastrous) fling with a Japanese make in the quest for reliability before returning to Land Rover with my current steed, a 300tdi Defender 90. I've had two 3.9 V8 Discoverys, a 4.0 V8 P38, a 300tdi Discovery (bloody awful), a genuine factory V8 90 CSW and a TD5 Discovery. I used to do all the modifying stuff but don't bother now as to be honest a Land Rover is really good enough as is and big tyres and a winch are really only necessary at a trial or a pay and play - if you require them for greenlaning then you really shouldn't driving the lanes. I've been a member on an internet forum for years, made some very good friends in the process and have organised (with the help of others) three large and successful trips in both Dorset and Wiltshire for members and been involved advising others on the forum to help them plan trips in their areas. The first one was in 2008 and was known as the 'Chip Run' and it ran across Dorset from North to South finishing at West Bay for fish and chips, it took three months to plan and required a dedicated approach from me and the fantastic team that worked together to make it work so successfully. A few months later we put together a trip on Salisbury Plain solely for 'Newbies' which had to planned sympathetically to allow for people who attended with zero experience. The last one in October 2012 ran east - west across Dorset and was six months in the making. It was literally planned to the 'N'th degree with wet weather contingencies in place to prevent any vulnerable track from being damaged. I am a firm believer in the three 'R's - Responsible Rural Recreation, I do not tolerate the cowboy element that blight our hobby. The 'Great Dorset Chippy Run Part Deux' went exceedingly well, did no damage to the routes and raised £1300 for charity in the process.

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  1. I’m already an individual member of GLASS – but I think that this is an excellent idea. More than happy to donate a couple of quid each trip.

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