Donations to GLASS fighting fund

As many of you know, the Green Lane Association (or GLASS) is an organisation that works hard to help us continue to enjoy greenlaning.

In order for GLASS to continue to do this, it needs money. Some funding is raised through membership and some through other means, such as donations to the ‘GLASS Fighting Fund’.

I am particularly proud that (unlike other clubs) WE DO NOT CHARGE for any proportion of time and personal expenses incurred by running greenlaning trips for the club. It is free and as far as I’m concerned it always will be, I enjoy doing this.

Which leads me on to this question: Whilst we don’t charge for trips, should we be considering making a small donation to the ‘GLASS Fighting Fund’ each time we go out on a trip, say a couple of quid each?

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Club Green Roads Officer

2 thoughts on “Donations to GLASS fighting fund”

  1. I’m already an individual member of GLASS – but I think that this is an excellent idea. More than happy to donate a couple of quid each trip.

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