Defender break in

Hi all,

Just a word of warning to keep all vehicles secure as I had the drivers door window smashed on my defender earlier in the week, almost certainly with a view to steal it, it has a steering wheel lock so they were unsuccessful, the door hadn’t even been opened so it looks like the lock done it’s job as a deterrent, they also broke into our neighbours work van and tried to get it started, again unsuccessfully,  we have a shared drive and some of the garages were opened as well but nothing was taken so it looks like it was just for the vehicles, we’re in north Dorset and it happened on Tuesday night.

Stay safe and have a cool Yule. Dave

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One thought on “Defender break in”

  1. Glad you didn’t loose your landy. The more we can do to stop these thefts the better. I proved to a few of the guys at the trial today just how easy they are to steal. Alarms, pedal locks, disc locks & gear / handbrake locks are best, the more visible the better.

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