Dec/Jan issue of The Dorset Rover

The latest issue of The Dorset Rover to cover December 2017 and January 2018 has been sent out either by post or by e-mail (whichever is appropriate). Usual plea – if you don’t receive your copy in the next few days or you receive it in the wrong format please let me know by e-mail to:

VERY IMPORTANT – this issue includes a membership renewal form. If you are a paper subscriber, it comes in the form of a pre-printed renewal form enclosed with the magazine; if you are an e-member you will have to print off the pdf attachment. You can pay your renewal subscription by one of three methods – cheque, BACS or GoCardless. You MUST (however you pay) complete a paper renewal form and post it to the Membership Secretary. You cannot send it electronically as it needs your actual physical signature on it. The renewal form is also available as a separate file attachment to this post on Facebook.

EQUALLY IMPORTANT – if you do not renew by the deadline (Friday 12th January 2018) you will not receive the February/March issue. So please do not leave it to the last minute!

And a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS to all our readers!

Andy the Editor

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