Chettle BOAT/UCR

There is a tree down at roughly the merge point from UCR to BOAT.
The tree is totally blocking this lane and there is no immediate turning area, so you will be faced with a long reverse out.
It is in a precarious position and is beyond the scope of volunteers to clear, it requires a more specialist approach.
Dorset CC have been notified and are investigating.
I’ll update when I have more news.

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Former Green Lanes Officer for the club 2013- 2016, Dorset rep for the Green Lane Association (GLASS) since 2016 and now the Green Roads Officer for the club again as well as being the GLASS rep. I make absolutely no apology for taking a hardline approach to green road use whilst maintaining a fiercely preservationist and often vociferous stance. The true definition of greenlaning suggests that there is absolutely no need for wallowing in mud, or a mandatory requirement for winches or aggressive tyres. Therefore I am intolerant of mud-pluggers and illegal off-roaders and am a firm believer in promoting both the GLASS Code of Conduct and the three 'R's - 'Responsible-Rural-Recreation' through education. In the 16+ years I've been involved with the hobby, times have changed considerably: Greenlaning is now an endangered privilege and not a right, it has become a 'hearts and minds' campaign with other users whilst focusing on shared enjoyment and making memories, whilst respecting the countryside we love and other users.

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