Check your social media settings!!

In light of the apparent increase in Land Rover related thefts of late and how many of us love to show our passion for these iconic vehicles on social media, it might be wise to check that your social media ‘privacy settings’ are still what you originally set them to.

Many of us are unaware that Facebook updates can and have altered your privacy settings without notifying you that this is the case.

Please make sure that none of your personal details, such as your home address or the town/village you live in are shown publicly to all and sundry, make sure that they are set to ‘friends’, or ‘friends of friends’ as a bare minimum.

When you are out and about and wish to post using your smartphone, make sure that your ‘location’ is deactivated.

Also delete any pictures you may have posted that contain any detail of security devices you have fitted to your vehicle, that’s just giving them a heads up of what to expect when they come to steal it, even a picture of your vehicle parked outside your house is enough for them to eventually work out where you live by using Google Streetview.

Like us, the criminal element are now equally as capable of using the internet to search, keep your personal details safe, don’t give them the opportunity.

Written by 

Club Green Roads Officer