Chairman’s Waffle July 2008

Hello again, hope you’re all having a great summer!!!
We had a little break in Devon & it rained all week, not to mention the wind. I always find September better for some sunshine, perfik for the club birthday party.

This is the first year in many that I haven’t been to the Langport steam rally. Shame really but I just had far too much to do at home. I hope those that went had a cider or 2 for me! You were certainly lucky with the weather.

Unlike the weekend at the Canford Arena show. Again, I wasn’t there but heard that attendance was well down because of the horrible weather. A real shame for everyone that put so much effort into it, but at least we attracted a few new members & I think we enjoyed ourselves despite some tyre damage.

The new website is under construction! Yippee!!! It’s going to be a cracker so keep your eyes peeled for an email to let you know when it’s up & running. There will be a log in for members to allow you to view non public parts of the site & we’ll send you details when we know exactly how it will work, again by email, so if you don’t have an email address registered with Bob then I suggest you let him have it asap.
We’ll have a huge gallery with pics from past events & links to any youtube video’s, & using you’re log in you’ll be able to submit your own pics.
There will also be a calendar, past events, trials site maps, the championship table & loads more.

The other little thing we’ve been doing is the club birthday party, did I mention that?! We want as many of you to this as possible & have put a lot of thought into what we wanted, so we think there should be something for everyone. We’ve also tried really hard to keep costs down as much as poss & the club will be stumping up for quite a bit, so please come & join in. I promise it’ll be a great weekend.

The LRW show at Eastnor Castle was good & the weather was nice too. I spent too much but picked up some real bargains & bits I really needed (like a new unbend able steering bar!). I also came away with some very valuable info & tips for ‘baby’, unfortunately most require parting with more £££, there were some very clever people at the show & was glad I took the time to talk to some of them.
I was of course on the CSW stand & we were invited to (ok, we crashed!) the Devon 4X4 hospitality tent on Saturday evening to partake some of their famous home made cider (err, paint stripper!!). I must say, Simon & Liz are fantastic hosts, if you don’t mind a bit of  pi## taking.

More on the fuel saga… I found some cooking oil in makro’s that works out about 86p/l. Not bad but a little dickey bird told me that somebody nearby has installed a bio diesel plant?
Baby will start ok on the oil but smokes like a pig till warm. I doubt she’ll start on it in the winter though?!

See you at the Party, I’ll be the one running around like a headless chicken! Or I could be drunk?


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