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4 thoughts on “C&D charity trial scores”

  1. Martin, my team weren’t last because another team retired !
    the courses certainly weren’t 2a friendly.

  2. Yeah, and and because of the 2A’s transmission system you didn’t have the luxury of being able to use the handbrake to help you round some of those tight bits.

  3. In case anyone was wondering who the other clubs teams were…
    C&dlrc. Cornwall & Devon Land Rover club
    Ccroc. Cheltnam & Cotswold rover owners club
    Sroc Southern rover owners club
    Swlrc Somerset & Wilts Land Rover club
    WWlrc Wye & Welsh Land Rover club
    Mroc Midland rover owners club
    Hblro Hants & berks Land Rover owners club

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