Trucks required for Ladies Driving Day please

Good Evening,

I’m really happy to announce that Ladies Day 2014 is a go!!!!  Nigel has managed to secure the Tincleton site once again for our event due to take place on Saturday 13th September, big yay for Nigel.

So, please would any of you kind folk be willing to donate your truck and time in exchange for some guaranteed fun?  We will be running the event in aid of Ickle Pickles once again in memory of baby Christopher.

I have my first meeting about the event tomorrow so I will forward more details to you asap however, we will be running a bbq with refreshments at a minimum.

Thanks in advance, feel free to drop me an email to ask questions, register your interest in attending either with your truck or indeed as a driver (fancy dress may be required)!!!

Cheers, Caz

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6 thoughts on “Trucks required for Ladies Driving Day please”

  1. Are when you say donate your truck will it be returned washed and polished inside and out ???

  2. Count me in please Caz happy to donate range rover for the day all in a good cause.

  3. Hi guys, James that’s fab thank you and Andrew, if you make a donation to the charity I’m sure anything’s possible 🙂

    Cheers, Caz

  4. A couple of guys have asked what the plan is……
    So for the benefit of anyone that hasn’t heard of this event.
    Basically we need your vehicle so the lovely ladies can drive it off road with you sat in the passenger seat giving instruction. The ladies hop from truck to truck trying all the different types of vehicles we have.
    Simple concept really but without you & your vehicle this event can’t work.
    My D2 will be there & providing it’s not very broken, so will Baby.

  5. I’m happy to help out on the Ladies Driving day, but can only do Saturday afternoon if thats any good ?, cheers Nigel

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